Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Born this Way

I didn’t know how to love myself when I was younger. Some things are really hard to do when you don’t see them modelled for you. 

I have learnt to not be ashamed of myself.  

My whole being.  

I am worthy of love and I am lovable.  

No one/or no ‘’thing’’ can take it from me, and I won’t fear giving it to someone I know deserves it. 

I will no longer hold back my love because of it being ‘’not acceptable?’’

My family, daughter, and Covid, helped me to open my mouth.  

No longer ashamed to speak, speak for myself, or for her- when needed.

I simply refuse to hold back my heart, 

my words, my feelings.  

Especially from those that deserve it. 

My family, my friends.  

I love to be me, to express myself - I am not ashamed! 

This is and always will be my motto now.  

Not Ashamed.  

Life is just too short to hesitate,

Beat around the bush. 

I was Born this Way- and I am proud. (Lady Gaga, Born this Way- go to YouTube, and listen :) 

I am not ashamed of my voice, even because ‘’they’’ hated it. 

I love it now.  

Love is love, and if there is ever a time when we need to hear it, express it, show it, to be it, to do it-

  It’s NOW.

 Don’t let Covid win, and take our love from each other. 

Written by: 

Nahani (Rose)Johnson

Living with 22q


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