Thursday, 10 March 2022

Breathing Room

I have this young face.  It can be a good thing at times, not so good at other times. Some people think I cannot think for myself.  

I get ‘’very upset’’ when I am being directed or given advice in certain areas, without it being asked for.  So, on that note, my writings here may change a bit with that in mind!  

I know others probably get very sick of this too. We are all trying to survive in this world right now.  Being healthy, being happy, being our ‘’authentic or best selves.’’

However this looks, we have to do what ‘’we’’ want for our own self-care management. How this or that looks to ‘’others’’ really doesn’t matter. 

Self-awareness can be very painful at times. Everyone has the right to make their own choices by their ‘’own rules.’’ My young face, people forget that I have grown up and am not a child anymore.  

The ones who have known me a long time forget that I drive my OWN SHIP.  

I used to be a Health Care Aide, and one of the things about nursing is allowing ‘’independence’’ wherever it can be placed.

We all need breathing room; our own little bubble, so we can follow our own intuitions. Invisible yes, but now we all see and respect others' bubbles, more.    

Written by: Nahani Johnson  March 10/22

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