Friday, 5 November 2021

Self-Care: By Nahani Rose

Self-Care: what it is and why we need it. 

A few years ago, when I was battling family stuff, I learnt a valuable lesson from a supervisor I had, working the group homes in my area.  

It’s a simple concept but many of us do not know how to do it. When you are a caregiver it is so easy to forget yourself. This is why my ‘’family stuff’’ happened when it did. I didn’t know how to flip the switch. And, focus on me, too. So, I was burnt out. 


Definition: Anything you can do for yourself that makes you feel good. 

Wait, what? 

I am allowed to do this? Lol. I really thought life was all about looking after others!

What helps us feel good?

Self-care is all about feeling good! We all deserve this. When you get haters hating you, it is detrimental to survival. When you have Covid happening, this is also detrimental to survival.  

Good hygiene, especially, is so important but hard to learn at times. There are resources for people out there. 

Having more than just our basic needs met. 

Don’t always put others first, put yourself first! There really is truth in this; if you are not 'together', everyone around you will struggle. It’s important to have balance. I gave to get because that is all I knew. Love was conditional. 

Self-care comes from a basic nursing concept that I learned as a Health Care Aide when younger. Everyone needs to have their basic needs met. When we don’t have needs met, that’s when things can go a bit awry, we develop poor coping mechanisms and things like OCD to help us achieve what we are missing. 

Here is a chart of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. It is a guide for anyone. 

-By Nahani Rose


What I share here for this website is based on my own experiences, thoughts and feelings as a person with 22q11. My purpose in sharing is to help those who may be just learning, and have young ones, and may feel overwhelmed. I know what has and hasn’t worked for me, and I want to help those who do feel overwhelmed, feel less overwhelmed.  This does not mean my suggestions ‘’will work for you,’’ but, they are suggestions, and I hope that if they do work, YAY! My hardship will help those not have the same experiences as I have. I am not a doctor, psychologist, nurse or other practitioner. 

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