Monday, 11 October 2021

Celebrate what makes you unique!


One thing I can stress that is of utmost importance with you or your child, is having a healthy self-esteem.  When you do not have one it definitely shows in some areas, and then the attraction of the wrong ‘’types’’ is a result.  

It is very important is to not stress and fret so much ‘’about the condition.’’ Celebrate the different qualities as a person that are revealed. Sometimes things don’t show up until a later time, this is okay!  We all grow and learn things about ourselves as we age. 

For your own sanity, and the individual, accept where they are at, and love them for who they are, and the uniqueness that they have. It is hard enough being an outsider in places, when it’s within your family it is even harder.  

Find ways to get past differences, agree to disagree, let it go, move on.  Strife just adds to anxiety, and anxiety to strife It is especially hard now during Covid. Find ways to celebrate you or your child’s uniqueness and help them not to feel down about themselves. We are ALL Different in our own way.  Life really isn’t all about being ‘’cool’’ to other people. I  was a people pleaser most of my adult life, and am still unlearning this in some areas, old habits die hard. Don’t worry about what others think, but do have a sense of standard that will help attract the right kinds of people to you. No, this is not about ‘’the law of attraction.’’  Just having self-confidence and having an I don’t give up easy attitude.  

Having proper support, patience and feeling loved no matter what the different ‘’qualities’’ are, is so important. Depending on where people are at, learning different skills here or there, learning life skills can be a challenging thing.  It cannot be done without proper support in place. If one is expected to just learn on their own or know things they are just supposed to know - how fair is that? 

We are all equal beings and deserve to be treated as such. The same rights, the same needs the same feelings and needing to be accepted for who we are.  

Written by: 

Nahani Rose 

September 30/2021


What I share here for this website is based on my own experiences, thoughts and feelings as a person with 22q11. My purpose in sharing is to help those who may be just learning, and have young ones, and may feel overwhelmed.  I know what has and hasn’t worked for me, and I want to help those who do feel overwhelmed, feel less overwhelmed.  This does not mean my suggestions ‘’will work for you,’’ but, they are suggestions, and I hope that if they do work, YAY! My hardship will help those not have the same experiences as I have.  I am not a doctor, psychologist, nurse or other practitioner. 

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